Supporting documents

The following documents may be requested if you apply for a loan with us

Identity and income :

- Last of your tax notice*
- Complete copy of your family book*
- Copy both sides of your identity card*
- Pay slips of the 3 last months and months of December of the previous year*
- Employment contracts of both spouses
- Bulletins of payment of pensions or pensions 3 months*
- Proof of family and housing allowances*
- Divorce or alimony payment judgment proof + liquidation of community
- Property declaration and leases

Residences and properties :

- Value notarized attestation of the / property
- Title of the / property*
- Last EDF and TELECOM Bill*
- Sales agreement*
- Certificate insurance insurance
- Receipt of rent or lease or proof of accommodation for free.*
- Last property taxes and last prepared tax and debts

Loans and debts :

- Copy the loans contracts*
- Original mortgage loan offer*
- Fiscal situation slip or tax print P237 bank accounts

Bank account :

- Statements of bank accounts in the last 3 months of each of the accounts*
- Bank statement + canceled check

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