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You have contracted several consumer loans and want to reduce or simplify your monthly payments? The redemption of credits is the solution! In the face of the exceptional events of life, the refund of your goods bought on credit could one day be impacted, Credits Surs offers you to redeem your credits for you to repay your loans.

The redemption of credit, sometimes called bundling of credit, allows a better management of its budget: the sum of all of your loan repayments is grouped in a single sample. So, no need to keep track of the loans, you know in advance the amount and the date on which you will be charged by Credits Surs.

The redemption of consumer credit will also allow you to take advantage of the overall decline in the rate compared to previous years. Credits Surs can offer you a unique monthly with your loans, and this amount will be less than all of the previous installments. Be aware that this can go up to 60%, but however, the repayment period will be extended and the cost of credit may be increased

Finally, the redemption of credits allows to terminate loans renewable or so-called (revolving) which have very high rates and can be renewed indefinitely until the full refund. Here, the purchase of consumer credit is a simple credit refund will be easier and potentially less costly.

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